Forum OpenACS Q&A: Mulitiple OpenACS installations on the same machine

Hello all. I currently have an OpenACS site and a static site, set up
as virtual servers, being handled by the same instance of AOLserver
2.3. I want to put a separate OpenACS environment behind the static
site, and eventually serve other OpenACS sites on the same machine as

My thinking is to set up the separate sites with separate instances of
AOLserver, each with it's own .ini file.

It looks like this goal can also be accomplished with virtual servers,
setting up database pools main1, main2, subquery1, subquery2... for
the entire server, then hooking the main pool for virtual server 1 to
main1, etc. The downside I see to this approach is that multiple
ad.ini files need to be embedded in the single AOLserver file, making
maintenance a little trickier.

Is one approach preferred over the other?

Right...the installation guide...

"You can only have one ArsDigita Community System running from a single nsd process (though you can have as many ACS servers as you like on a physical machine; each just needs its own process). A big reason for this is that in the [ns/parameters] section of the AOLserver .ini file you need to say