Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: .LRN Portal Framework in OACS?

Posted by Randy O'Meara on
Thank you, Bob.

Openacs CVS contains a weblogger-portlet package.
The weblogger-portlet package requires the new-portal package. The new-portal package is in dotlrn CVS.

Can the dotlrn new-portal package be installed and run under openacs 5.0 without installing dotlrn?

If it's not possible to use just the new-portal package from dotlrn, must the entire dotlrn system be installed and initialized in order to use new-portal?

Posted by Jeff Davis on
There was one dependency between dotlrn and new-portals (see bug 1181). I just moved the files from dotlrn/tcl to new-portal/tcl so that should no longer be an issue. I know Lee Denison is using it that way now (which is why he spotted that bug) so I don't think there are any other roadblocks.