Forum OpenACS Q&A: Release schedule?

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Since I inadvertantly started a small firestorm on by asking
about the release schedule, I figure it's fair game to do the same
here. ;-)

I remember seeing something on a recent thread about the final version
of OpenACS 3.2.2 coming out Real Soon Now. (I think the post said
something like a week or two.) I think that was about a week ago. Any
estimates on when the final release might be coming our way?

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
This one's been up for a few days without an answer, so let me try to send out another flare here. When is the next relase of OpenACS 3.2 scheduled to be out?
Posted by Don Baccus on
Ben's shooting for this week, last I heard.  I'd almost prefer next Monday or Tuesday because I think I'll have thursday->sunday to pound on it part-time (while on a photo trip to eastern Oregon - free at last!  free at last!)
Posted by Bob OConnor on
For those that are interested, that small firestorm that Michael started is at:
Posted by Ben Adida on
Uggh, this was going to come up for sure :) Well, I'm going to
claim Open-Source disease on this one.

I'd love to have a stable release schedule, but since I'm also
heavily involved in turning OpenForce into a real company, and
since the entire OpenACS workforce is part-time (can you believe
it? it's easy to forget), it's hard to stick to a particular schedule.
But that doesn't mean we shouldn't aim to do better. The SDM
does make some attempt to enforce release schedules, and I'll
try to stick to it more religiously.

Here's my thinking for now: OpenACS 3.2.2 final will be released
Monday, June 26th. Don, you better be checking in some code :)
Expect a massive revamp of the OpenACS web site somewhere
around July 15. Unless it pains someone too much, let's not
even port ACS 3.3. I want to move ASAP to the ACS 4.0 modular
architecture. Hopefully, by collaborating more closely with aD
(hint hint), we can release OpenACS 4.0 almost simultaneously
with ACS Classic. But I'm not making any promises on this one
just yet....

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Great, thanks. It's actually a tremendous help just to have a current estimate, even if it's likely to slip down the road. We all understand that this is a volunteer effort; it just helps to have regular progress reports.

I'm hoping that we'll be skilled enough to start pitching in ourselves with the porting work within the next couple of months. We're getting there...