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27: Response to OpenACS Logo? (response to 1)
Posted by David Cohen on
Just found this thread--interesting logo ideas.

A comment on the small logo--first of all, I think that most of the "powered by" logos are usually more rectangular, that, is they are maybe twice as long as the small logo you've got (I don't know what dimensions people use, perhaps someone else's could be measured or whatever). Here are some examples I got by searching for "powered by": and and the slightly-longer-than-usual Apache logo:

Also, it is a bit unfortunate that at the small size the dog head is very hard to see and the light blue is not so easy either.

Graphics are not my strong suit, so the only things I can think of are using a bolder type on the "Open" and/or a darker color, at least on the small one and possibly having "Open" next to "ACS", at least on the small one to get the rectangle be longer.