Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Virtual IP addresses

Posted by David Richards on
That's interesting.  I tried that exact telnet test, but couldn't get a response.  I must have mistyped something.

As for the davecubed stuff, Verio's being a dog at getting my name out of their DNS.  I requested it to be done last Thursday, but they didn't get it right.  They're trying to bill me for supporting a domain name.  Isn't that crazy?

However, all my tests are directly to the IP address, (e.g.  Since the request does log in the AOL access log, I figured that the Linux box got the request to the right process.  That's why I concluded that Linux and the DNS aren't the problem (even though I could ring Verio's necks for not getting something so simple right.)

I guess a more productive question might be what exactly does the tcl command "set address [ns_info address]" mean?

And, please know Roberto, that I'm terribly grateful to you for looking into that.  In reading my response, I'm afraid that the tone is a bit brusk.  I'm actually elated that you would take a few minutes to look into this problem.

David Richards