Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Article on ACS x Zope

Posted by Richard Moon on
Chris Withers said "As far as depending on open source goes, people from the community don't seem to be flocking to Zope to write quality third-party database adapters (although many folks have already ala MySQL and Postgres, there are some serious holes like DB/2 and Informix). And when folks like Richard Moon ask me when an ODBC adapter for Linux would be available, if we were using Openlink, I could say "right now" and point him to the Openlink adapter instead of saying "as soon as you write one".

I can see the problem you have but please don't give up on it.

Openlink works well and those of us who need to interface to a range of commerical databases can hardly quibble about using commerical ODBC adaptors as well. In fact there's an argument that says if our clients think its worth having a commercial database then we should have a commercial database adaptor.

I'm using Openlink now to connect Zope to Informix and it works but restricts me to running Zope on NT which would not be my first choice of platform.

An ODBC DA for Linux/Unix which worked with Openlink would at least get people like me out of your hair Chris 😊

We do seem to be getting off-topic a bit though - but its nice of those OpenACS guys to host this Zope discussion for us 😊