Forum OpenACS Q&A: porting acs sql to mssql7.0

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Posted by David Wu on
I am trying to decide if it makes sense to port the acs sql
definitions to mssql 7.0.  Can anyone send to me (or point me to) the
changes that were made to acs to support postgres?  For instance, I
expect that decode (a non-standard sql construct) does not work on
postgres.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


Posted by Roberto Mello on
You can look at the guide that Ben, David and Don created for porting SQL from Oracle to PostgreSQL at It's not an easy task especially when there are new versions coming out frequently.

What I think would be best for you to do is wait until ACS 4 comes out. We are waiting for ACS 4 so we can port it to PostgreSQL and it's going to be much better to port it because of the new aD database API.

Porting to MS-SQL now would be a waste of time and effort, unless you want to stay with ACS 3.2.2 (or 3.2.3) forever and lose the delicious goodies in ACS 4.

Posted by Roberto Mello on
I forgot to ask... wouldn't it be easier to just install PostgreSQL on your NT box ? It works just fine and PostgreSQL is a breeze to administer.

If I had access to a Win2K (or NT) box I could write some documentation on how to get it up and running on that environment. All you need is get PostgreSQL and AOLserver running on NT, then get OpenACS installed and be happy.

Posted by Brian Baquiran on
If you're only interested in the data model, then I guess it should port pretty quickly. You could try a pg_dump with the option to dump as SQL CREATE TABLEs and INSERTs on an existing OpenACS installation, then work from there.