Forum OpenACS Development: Current bugs in bug-tracker - gettting to 5.0

4 of the 7 bugs listed as HIGH priority also say 'fix for 5.1'. Should they be downgraded to Normal?

Likewise - 7 of the 16 MAJOR bugs say fix for 5.1 - including 2 suggestions and 2 todos. Propose the suggestions and todos become 'enhancement's and the other MAJORs become normal.


Posted by Jeff Davis on
Unless it says fix for 5.1 it won't be considered a blocker for the release. As it stands there is one outstanding open blocking bug (1172) and a handful of resolved but not closed bugs.

I think the priorities are significant even though we have pushed the fix for out to the next release.

Posted by Alfred Werner on
I was actually putting on my PR hat - thought it might reflect poorly to issue a new release with bugs listed as high priority or major, when they are in fact neither. But that's cool - I look silly in that hat anyway.