Forum OpenACS Q&A: New Module --> Change Management

Posted by Nathan Reeves on
This is more of a future module request.  Realising of course that at
this point that the port is still in progress and the aim so far has
been to mirror Classic ACS as opposed to add new functionality, but

A change Management module would be extremely beneficial for anyone
using openACS in an IT type environment where changes want to be
tracked and where it is neccessary to have a number of people all
agree with the change prior to the change occuring.

The kind of process would be along the lines of:
1. A change is proposed and entered into the system and a date set
for the proposed change.
2. Certain users will be emailed at which point they need to login to
the system and appove the proposed change.
3. Emails are sent out to all approvers + a notification group
whenever something is changed.
4. A description is entered once the change has been completed and
the change closed off.

People could then later browse the logged changes to see what had
occured to the server / item in question and who had done it.

Any comments.  Good Idea / Bad Idea??


Posted by Don Baccus on
Ben's in the process of hooking up CVS so logging of source changes will be available in the SDM at that point, along with web viewing of differences, etc.  Eventually, there will be ways to define who gets to change sources and that sort of thing.

Thus far there's no provision for setting up systemic controls on changes of the sort you're describing.  Product development teams usually work under a less formal management structure.  However, building a customized front-end to the SDM that enforced such controls wouldn't be terribly difficult, and using the system to do so makes sense.

Whether or not it is worthwhile trying to build in the ability  to cater to different styles of management control isn't clear.  Making certain that it's easy to extend the basic SDM to fit a particular management environment might make more sense.