Forum OpenACS Development: Moving threads in a forum

Posted by Martin Magerl on

on 2th Dec I started a discussion in dotLRN Q&A regarding a new feature in forum, which allows moderators/admins moving postings (and its childs) in a forum.

While moving postings seems to work fine, there are two points which I would like to discuss on OpenACS-forum, too, because forums package is part of standard OpenACS:
  • I've noticed that notifications are bound to the last message (-> tree_sortkey) in a thread although the notification-chunk (You can request notifications... / You have requested notifications...) is only shown when viewing the root message. Therefore, if the last message is moved (directly or as child post), you will move notification settings for the current thread to, i.e. the current thread will "loose" notification requests and maybe, the thread where the messages are moved to/appended will misteriously get notification requests.
    Could someone please explain the special thought which was followed while programming these lines? Maybe, overwriting $message_id by "db_multirow" a few lines before was not noticed yet. (see Bug #1254)
    May I use the root message as "notification anchor", too? It seems to work as well (at least for a five minutes test 😊 and it would make much more sense to me (or to be honest: it would be easier to implement a user friendly behavier on moving postings 😊
  • I implemented an UI for move-feature keeping in mind that changes to current code should be minimal.
    For those who want to have a look: You will find account data for a test server in dotLRN Q&A discussion about move-option. Feel free to comment and make suggestions!!!
In order to keep thoughts according this discussion at one place, I would suggest to post replies in corresponding dotLRN Q&A thread.

Thanks for all replies in advance!
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Oh, the thing with notifications on the last message in a thread rather than the first was indeed a bug, and it's been fixed.