Forum OpenACS Q&A: nsd.tcl Error.

Posted by Chris Hardy on
I'm getting the following everyday.  I can't find nds.tcl, anyone
willing to point me in the right direction?

    Error: nsd.tcl: wrong # args: should be "while test command"
    wrong # args: should be "while test command"
        while compiling
    "while { [ns_db getrow $db $selection] } {

        set birthday_this_year [address_book_birthday_in_given_year
        (compiling body of proc "address_book_mail_reminders", line
        invoked from within
    Notice: Running scheduled proc wd_mail_errors...

2: Response to nsd.tcl Error. (response to 1)
Posted by Roberto Mello on
I think this has been fixed for OpenACS 3.2.2 final because I just made a fresh install of the CVS tree and I don't get this error.