Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Release Dates: for: 3.2.4 and: 4.0.0

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Yes, we've been reporting bugs faithfully as we find them. For a while, we were changing our code as it was updated in the CVS, but we decided it would be more productive to wait and do one major upgrade.

What's turning out to be both fun and frustrating is that every week we seem to discover something else that we didn't know actually worked. Today, for example, we discovered the "who is on the site right now" feature which, as far as I can tell, is not documented anywhere in ACS Classic, never mind OpenACS. Same thing with the user directory. I noticed both of these features working on, tagged the end of their URLs to the beginning of mine, and Eureka! I discovered a new feature I didn't know I had.

At any rate, we're tremendously psyched about the strides that OpenACS has been making.