Forum OpenACS Development: Blogger work over the weekend

Posted by Guan Yang on

Lars and I have worked a lot on blogger over the weekend. (Joel and Malthe we also here, but instead of doing something constructive they each lost several years at the other end of their lives trying to document installation on Mac OS X and upgrading from 4.6.1 on PG 7.2 to 5.0 on PG 7.3.)

Some of the things that we finished are:

  1. Technorati API: A "reverse blogroll" from Technorati can now be displayed on the front page. (Requires changing a parameter and a Technorati API key.)
  2. Blogroll: There is UI for managing a blogroll which is displayed on the blog's front page.
  3. Blogger API and MetaWeblog API: The blogger now works with tools like w.bloggar for posting and editing posts.
  4. Last n comments: The last 10 comments are displayed on the front page.
  5. Multiple pings: You can now ping multiple servers and not just when your blog changes. Examples of services are Technorati and
  6. Bookmarklet generator: The bookmarklet generator makes a link which allow you to instantly blog pages from your browser.
  7. Trackback/categories: Bugfixes.

A number of things are still outstanding. The blogger does not yet support multiple categories for an entry but Lars has improved the UI in the categories package. The software is broken on Oracle. There is no documentation for the new features.

The stuff described above is in HEAD. Some bits and pieces will be committed today.

Posted by Lars Pind on
Just wanted to point out that we didn't implement blogger and metaweblog APIs. Vinod Kurup did a while ago, and it's excellent.

All we did with it was test it, fix a few bugs with XML-RPC on HEAD, and add category support.

Thanks, Vinod for the nice implementation.


Posted by Ben Koot on
Maybe a stupid newbie question, but how do we go about upgrading an existing 4.6.3 version. ( I want to include this in my newbie guide)


Posted by Ben Koot on
I mean we now have Vinod's upgrade, and your changes. it might be usefull to have a short description of whta steps we have to take to make sure they are available on existing installations, untill we have the official documentation.
sorry to be such a boar.