Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Virtual IP addresses

Posted by David Richards on
OK, I just got back to this issue. I got out there to ifconfig, and everything's set up correctly--so it seems. I then went to nsd.tcl and adjusted the hostname and address to and respectively. Now, if I jump into the pages, I can get right to davecubed. The problem is in the login process. On line 17 of /register/user-login.tcl, there is the following:
set selection [ns_db 0or1row $db "select user_id, user_state, converted_p from users where upper(email)=upper('$QQemail')"]
This query is returning more than one row, which errors out. I'm trying to figure out how configuring my box with a virtual IP address effects this, and I can't. But, it was the only thing I changed since I broke everything. I've gone out to the users table to see if it was corrupt. It looks fine--just one row per email address. I messed with the syntax, and looked at original beta 3 code to make sure I haven't broken anything. I can't find anything there. I'm stumped. Any ideas?