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Posted by Trenton Cameron on
I have a similar problem:
I am trying to connect to two databases following the guide given in the 00-database-procs.tcl file. The following is a snippit from my config.tcl

ns_section ns/db/pools
ns_param  pool1              "Pool 1"
ns_param  pool2              "Pool 2"
ns_param  pool3              "Pool 3"
ns_param  pool4              "Pool 4"

ns_section ns/db/pool/pool1
<The first three databases are postgres and the 4th an oracle there config is standard and so has been ommited>

ns_section ns/server/${server}/db
ns_param  pools              "*"
ns_param  defaultpool        pool1

ns_section "ns/server/${server}/acs/database"
#ns_param  availablepool  pool1
#ns_param  availablepool  pool2
#ns_param  availablepool  pool3
ns_param  databases [list pg ora]
ns_param  pools_pg  [list pool1 pool2 pool3]
ns_param  pools_ora [list pool4]

<End config file snippit>

If I leave the availablepool lines uncommented the server starts but using a -dbn ora returns that ora was an invalid key. If I leave the lines commented I get the error that
        * Database pool "pool4" is of type "oracle". The first database pool available to OpenACS was of type "postgresql". All database pools must be configured to use the same RDMBS engine, user and database.

I am a little confused as to where my problem lies.  Thanks for any insight that you can give me.