Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Article on ACS x Zope

Posted by Paul Gresham on

Wow ... an interesting thread ... We are building a collaborative website for an engineering firm, and have completed many features already in Zope. However we are now considering trashing everything we've done, for "Other Options" and this week we are reviewing them in depth. I think Zope is an amazing piece of work, but here at least are the reasons so far why I like AOLServer and aD.

  • A framework with a security model we can understand without drinking diesel oil and nitroglycerine cocktails.
  • A security model that doesn't break so easily (even if we do sacrifice the depth of functionality provided by Zope)
  • My files are (and can be without effort!) in folders on a disk
  • Everything else is in a ORDBMS which is a.Documented well and b.Already pretty well understood within our team.
  • I can still use Python (My favourite language)
  • Many ready built modules already in use (i.e. higher version numbers that beta alpha zeta z.z release)
  • I can use java servlets with Tomcat

Again I think Zope is fantastic but we have just spent so much time trying to figure it all out. Believe me we have have our own custom file system, an online file manager and are also playing with distributing stock prices through it ... Its a big decision coming up.

Our other options under review are Enhydra, Locomotive, hand coded in python or java. I can post the results if anyone is interested. Regards, Paul Gresham