Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Porting Project/Open (Intranet Module) to OpenACS 5.0

Posted by Don Baccus on
I meant my little threefold hierarchy holds regarding the usefulness of such code to the community (I was a little terse in my statement above)
Hi Frank,

One question on the partner license: If I use your code and modify it heavily to make it more useful, can I release my modifications under the GPL? How can we make sure that it will stay in sync with modifications you are doing in the future and that someone can *patch* your version with my GPLed modifications.

For obvious reasons you are not able to include my modifications in your partner licensed product.

Alternatively, I made modifications that you like. How would you pay for the modifications made by myself to be included in the main trunk. How do we prevent forking? Am I stuck with a commercial product where I can only *hope* the vendor will make changes that are useful for my client. After all this would turn the whole notion of using OpenACS upside down.

Maybe you can clarify your ideas there as well. Other than that, it is great to know that you are planing to go for OpenACS 5, and as Don and others mentioned, make as much use of it as possible. This might make it harder to port at the beginning but will give you huge advantages at a later stage (as you will benefit from extensions done to the core in the future).

Looking forward to see more of it!

Posted by Dirk Gomez on
Another question: What are the obligations of the party receiving money for "PLed" software? Is it strictly no-warranty software? (Is that possible?)