Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Content management systems

Posted by James Bennin on
It seems like you know quite a bit about content management in OpenACS.  I am trying to write a paper to evaluate all the different packages that deal with content management on OpenACS. So far I know about CMS, Content Repository and ETP (how do they all work?).  I need to find out what are all the packages that deal with content management, as well as their various functionalities.  Any lead or information that you have.  I am also trying to find out about to use them on my current instance of OpenACS.  I tried using the CMS but I always get error messages.  Thank you for help.
Posted by tammy m on

What error messages do ya get from CMS? On install or during running it? What version of OACS are ya using? Anyway there is a lot of information on the CMS/CR in the CMS forum. The docs on the CMS also explain the underlying CR structure pretty well. ETP is easiest to understand if you load it and use it. It is pretty easy to get started using and a really useful app that uses the CR. Good luck:)