Forum OpenACS Q&A: Security Reasons for no password for service0 user?

Hi all,

Just curious what the reason is for not assigning a password to the user of the oacs service. The docs say for security reasons - can someone elaborate? I'm assuming it has something to do with preventing remote logins?

Posted by Tom Jackson on

No login shell would be helpful. One thing needing another round of thinking is permissions/ownership of files, and processes for an OpenACS installation. I doubt you need a password for the file owner or process owner, I haven't.

The idea is that if you can't login, then cracking the OpenACS user's login via some as-yet unknown hack is less useful.  <P>Once the attacker has a local login on the machine, they will try to gain root privileges through what is usually called a "local exploit".<P>I don't know which part of the docs you are referring to; but usually you would set the user's login shell to be /bin/false or some other non-shell value, in addition to setting a non-usable password (usually done by putting a * in the appropriate field of /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow).