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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
After some testing, i have updated Xinha in cvs HEAD to the new stable version (0.95), released on 12-May-08. The replaced version in CVS head was 0.94

One important visible change is that Xinha works now with Safari 3+ and Opera 9+ (and Firefox 3+). Therefore, i have updated as well the richtext-procs from acs-templating (also in CVS HEAD) to allow rich-text editing from there.

Relative to 0.94, Xinha has the following additions and fixes. For details, check

Bugs Fixed

fixed #1040 htmlRemoveTags doesn't work in IE
fixed #645 IE Save as function only saves the original html
fixed #1136 FF3 Linux select boxes in toolbar are too small
fixed #1100 Extended File Manager - Error after opening window
fixed #1103 [TransformInnerHTML] IE breaks singlet attributes starting with "no"
fixed #1086 Repeated javascript insertion in onclick attributes
fixed #1094 IE throws error in Xinha.loadStyle function
fixed #1117 IE returns javascript error -1072896658
fixed #993 PageStyle? to override styles in PageStylesheets?
#1112 switching between modes leaves strange characters in source
fixed #1128 loading fails when Fullscreen tried to load as plugin
fixed #1126 Percent (%) in URL prevent stripSelfNamedAnchors from working
fixed #1120 HTML select overlaps color picker in IE6
#1115 + #1127 fixed compatibility issues with Firefox 3
#961 + #1130 changed behaviour of xinha_config.baseHref
fixed #645 Save as function only saves the original html
fixed #1040 htmlRemoveTags doesn't work in IE
fixed #1015 Mozilla shows scrollbars on click in Stylist
#918 removed mozParaHandler dirty as it had been broken for a long time
fixed #1015 Mozilla shows scrollbars on click in Stylist
fixed #1148 HTML entities break when cursor is inside when switching from HTML to WYSIWYG
fixed #1151 form action always made absolute
fixed #1155 InsertAnchor broken in IE 7
fixed #1158 [ImageManager] in Japanese environment, an error occurs by reading of lang/ja.js in IE6/7
fixed #1152 Plugins using surroundHTML (EditTag, LangMarks) no longer work in IE7
fixed #1161 permission error from ColorPicker?.js
fixed #1181 [TableOperations] Table Options dialog first entry for border style faulty
fixed #1185 [TableOperations] IE: style float broken
fixed #1197 [Linker] IE shows bug in line 262
fixed #1200 [Linker] Dialog does not show if scanned folder empty


#1143 add Safari support
#938 add Opera support
#1138 added API functions Xinha.getEditor(), Xinha.prototype.getPluginInstance(), Xinha.addOnloadHandler()
#1137 [Equation] FF3 fixes & improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor
#1150 synchronize "Remove Format" between browsers
added plugin PreserveScripts? for enhanced editing of pages containing PHP and/or JavaScript? ()
Loading message facelift
added XinhaLoader?.js for enhanced user experience through early loading message
made Xinha.makeEditors accept a DOM reference to the textarea instead of the id as part of xinha_editors array (#1105)
#1123 Allow return of PHP array from xinha_pass_to_php_backend
[Linker] scan.php: Allow specification of base url to use (so that a subdirectory can be used as $dir and return appropriate urls to the files (prefixing the url
[ExtendedFileManager?] new Version
#961 + #1130 changed behaviour of xinha_config.baseHref
#1137 [Equation] improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor
#442 removed alert "Your Document is not well formed..."
#1119 disabled Firefox 2 spell check when ContextMenu is enabled
added a plugin "GenericPlugin?" as a democase for plugin event handlers
#1171 [SmartReplace?] now also replaces three dots with an ellipsis
#1119 [ContextMenu] optionally switch of Firefox Spell check
#1172 [LangMarks] make available languages configurable
enhanced behaviour when xinha_config.baseHref is set to another server
#1195 Allow to specify an external url to load a plugin from
#1201 Add inwardHtml/outwardHtml functions to Config object


#1109 Spanish language extended
#1116 [ExtendedFileManager?] added French translation
#853 updated Translation for farsi
fixed wrong encoding in Spanish language file
fixed no bold/italic/underline button images in Spanish
#1194 [ExtendedFileManager?] updated French translation

2: Re: Xinha 0.95 (stable) (response to 1)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The following comment from is important
Everyone is strongly advised to update their installations of older Xinhas and HTMLArea 3's, to avoid severe problems with FF3
and poses some challenges for our releases, since FF3 - when finally released - will be most likely the most dominant browser for OpenACS.
3: Re: Xinha 0.95 (stable) (response to 1)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
In this case (problems with FF3) would it make sense to backport this into oacs-5-4 as well for the next release?
4: Re: Xinha 0.95 (stable) (response to 3)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
As decided by the oct, it is already integrated in the oacs-5-4 branch and will be included in the forthcoming release.