Forum OpenACS Q&A: URL Bug in /bboard module Bug #602

Here is an inconsistant BUG in the /bboard module.

If I post a message and later click on "Unanswered questions" My new post comes up on the list. In one forum, clicking on the post brings up:


    Cannot Find Topic


    This page was called with a topic variable of "". There is no bboard in the database with that topic name. Either you have been manually adjusting the URL (perhaps by cutting and pasting) or something is seriously wrong with the Greatest Networker Discussion Forums system.


In another forum (topic) it works ok. But the URL is NOT totally right.

Here is an example:

(li)(a href="ed-com-msg.tcl
This is question #3(/a)

Note that the topic_id is shown as the name "BobZ Test Topic" --- It should be like this:

(li)(a href="ed-com-
is question #3(/a) 

Here the topic_id=5 (A NUMBER) and the topic is "BobZ...."

THE FIX for this problem is editing Line 54 in q-and-a-unanswered.tcl and adding &topic_id before &topic

append rest_of_page "(li)(a href="[bboard_msg_url 
$presentation_type $msg_id $topic]
")$one_line(/a) [bboard_one_line_suffix 
$selection $subject_line_suffix]

This makes it (mostly) match Line 217 in q-and-a.tcl

append whole_page "(li)(a href="[bboard_msg_url 
$presentation_type $msg_id $topic_id 
$topic]")$one_line(/a) [bb
oard_one_line_suffix $selection $subject_line_suffix]

What is inconsistant is in Forum with ID #1 there is no error even though the URL is WRONG. but with Forum with ID #5 the above error page appears. Go figure... -Bob OConnor

Posted by Ben Adida on
fixed in 3.2.4