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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Ah, so you've mostly figured out what's going on then, Sean. Looks like the only snafu is whoever did the initial vendor import of OpenACS 4.5 accidentally included your custom "intranet" package in the vendor import.

Ideally you could just somehow retroactively move your intranet package off the vendor branch, but off hand I can't think of any good way to do that without losing all your CVS version history.

Hm, you know, the easiest thing might be to make sure that all files in your intranet package have been committed since their original bogus import onto the vendor branch. Rather than actually checking that, you could just ensure that it is true by blindly forcing a commit of all files with "cvs commit -f -R intranet". Then when you do the vendor import of the newer version of OpenACS, you may still get the "scheduled for removal" message, but when you actually merge the changes across to the Head and commit, none of your files will be removed, because they'll all be newer than the versions on the vendor branch. I think.

With that scenario, in CVS it looks as if OpenACS released an intranet package, but then orphaned it, and you've picked up development since then and are now the only maintainer of the package. Which is fine, basically, as long as you never vendor import anything else call "intranet" onto that OpenACS vendor branch, you should be ok going forward.

Oh, one more thing: That tag name "openacs-4-x-2002-01-10" strongly implies that whoever first set things up did not import the official OpenACS 4.5 release, but rather some CVS snapshot pre-dating the 4.5 release. So you may need to triple check that the 4.5 to 4.6 upgrade scripts actually work correctly for you... I'd start by just figuring out what if any differences are present between "openacs-4-x-2002-01-10" and the official 4.5 release.

8: Re: CVS Help (response to 7)
Posted by Sean Redmond on


Thanks for your help, it turns out to be a big deal about nothing. Since we do have an OpenACS vendor branch, I made a copy of my CVS repository for testing and followed the upgrade instructions verbatim. Nothing was "scheduled for removal" and my intranet package was not touched (and none of my changes even caused conflicts). As I suspected at the outset, I just didn't know what I was doing.

I will have to watch out, as you say, for a new intranet package showing up in the distribution. There used to be an intranet package, but our package of the same name has nothing to do with that. I preface all my packages with bma- to avoide collisions, so I would be good to rename this package to bma-intranet, but that's a topic for another thread.

Thanks again!