Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Karl's Templating System

Posted by David Richards on
Let me tell you what I think I know.

The DPS isn't ported.  I've worked on that, want it, but it keeps getting bumped down my priority list.  Right now I'd be happy to just have the templating system working correctly, let alone all the other bells and whistles available.

The parser doesn't work in AOLserver 3.0.  It was supposed to work with the latest ACS version of AOLserver, but I couldn't get it to work.

My problem has been that my variables are not being parsed.  With the server logs, I have traced the templating system through the different tcl procedures.  It stores the variables into cache correctly (as near as I can tell), but then when it is parsing through my multiple tag, for instance, ns_adp_parse returns the same code it receives.  Somehow either ns_adp_parse isn't finding the variable name in the cache, so it's just returning the string as it found it, or it's not recognizing the tags (although they are registered through ns_tags_register, or something with a similar name).

Anyway, I've poked around a lot with this.  If I can't get things running really soon on 3.0, I'm going to go back to 2.3 and see what I can do with that.  I asked Karl to send me the patches this morning.  I'm going to try and apply them to my version of AOLserver to see if that does the trick.

Are you having similar problems getting it working, or do you have other problems?