Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How do you tell OpenFTS to index existing ETP content?

Malte, you may be on to something here.

I have the FtsContentProvider bindings for edit-this-page, but mine are called journal_issue, journal_article, news_item and dotlrn_page.  I didn't configure this site so I'm not exactly sure where those came from;  I'm guessing that they are the currently defined content types.  I *don't* have one for etp_page_revision, nor any obvious way to create one.  I also don't have the procedure you referenced.

Hmm.... etp_page_revision is defined in edit-this-page sql/postgresql/edit-this-page-sc-create.sql, but not in the Oracle version.  This appears to be true in 5.0 as well.  Anyone know if this is intentional, or is this perhaps why search isn't working for me?

The journal_issue, journal_article and such are *not* working for ETP. No clue why, but well.

ETP runs on Oracle? Furthermore, since when does OpenFTS run on Oracle ;). So, just execute the edit-this-page-sc-create.sql and off you should go.