Forum OpenACS Development: Re: default, site and blank master templates

Posted by Lars Pind on

I wrote it.

The idea is this:

1. blank-master is the template that drives some of the basic functionality, such as form field input focus, linking in CSS stylesheets, developer-support, translator-mode, etc., that master template authors would otherwise easily mess up, or they wouldn't keep their versions up-to-date. It doesn't show anything inside the browser frame, though (apart from translator mode/developer-support stuff), leaving completee design freedom to the template designer.

2. site-master gives you the top navigation, handling things like a link back to the index page, which isn't a link when you're on the index page already; login/logout/your workspace/admin links.

3. default-master goes all the way, to include context bar, page title, etc.

4. packages/acs-subsite/www/group-master is an alternative to default-master. It still uses site-master, but it adds a set of tabs for navigation inside the subsite.


Posted by Boris Doesborg on
One small point that I find hard to work with.

In the blank-master.tcl links to stylesheets are defined.

Like this:

multirow append header_links "stylesheet" "text/css" "/resources/acs-templating/lists.css" "all"
multirow append header_links "stylesheet" "text/css" "/resources/acs-templating/forms.css" "all"
multirow append header_links "stylesheet" "text/css" "/resources/acs-subsite/default-master.css" "all"

I don´t see why these links are here instead of in the group-master or something. They directly affect the appearance of lists and forms on the web page (a bit contradictory to the idea of the "blank" template).

If these links were in the group master you could leave the openacs template organisation intact and still change the design of lists and forms of the several subsites.