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Posted by Lars Pind on
I took out a few hours tonight to make some improvements to developer-support:

- Everything is now templated

- It adds a convenient toolbar to the top of your page, with links to APM, listing changed files, widget to search API-doc directly, etc.

- The toolbar also lets you turn on/off inline comments, user-switching, database-collection, and translator mode right there.

- Indeed only comments and the user-switching widget goes in the footer now, the rest fit into the toolbar, at least on a reasonably-sized monitor.

Other planned items:

- A background job that sweeps for changed library files and sets a flag in the toolbar if any were found, which will be a link to reload those files.

- Get rid of the 3 ds-comments which are always present, from the rp_handler. They seem to contain useful information, so I'll try and find a new place to store them.

You'll need to update www/site-master* and www/blank-master*, acs-subsite/www/resources/site-master.css, and all of acs-developer-support, with a -d flag for creating new directories.

Hope you find it useful.


Posted by Don Baccus on
Sounds really good, Lars!