Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Reference Platforms and Supported Platforms

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Joel, lots of excellent information you have there.

However, I think you have one mistake in your "Version Compatibility Matrix". You list AOLserver 3.5.5 as "Verified" for OpenaCS 4.6.2 and 4.6.3, but AFAIK no stock AOLserver 3.5.x version include the ArsDigita-derived character set support required by OpenACS 4.x

I remember when the character support was discussed on the AOLserver list and on, and AOLserver team's decision was to skip the work necessary to add it into any AOLserver 3.5.x point release, and instead to put it into 4.0 (which they did). So unless somebody changed their mind about that, I don't see how AOLserver 3.5.5 could be fully "verified" for use with OpenACS 4.6.x. There might be a patched version of 3.5.x around somewhere that has the necessary character set support, though.