Forum OpenACS Q&A: E-Comerce module - checkout.tcl & checkout2.tcl..

When I attempt to checkout (click on 'Use this address'), I get a 404 - URL not found. The reason for this is that checkout2.tcl is being looked for on port 80, which is currently the apache port. AOLServer is running on my system at port 8000.

It looks as if between checkout1.tcl and checkout2.tcl the port number is getting dropped. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes, the port number gets dropped in the ecommerce module. There are a few issues in general with the OpenACS ecommerce module that have probably been updated in ACS classic, but in general there's a bunch of cleanup to be done in that module. If someone has time to spend on this, it would be great. Otherwise, it will probably have to wait until 4.0...