Forum OpenACS Development: Accessing PostgreSQL instances remotely and securely

I run OpenACS and PostgreSQL on one box. PostgreSQL doesn't use passwords to
authenticate users - which I find cool.

I want to access this very PostgreSQL instance from a box that is
different. The desired authentication scheme is that the accessing user needs
to have an OS account on the database box, so I don't have to turn on
passwords for the databases, but still require a strong authentication. I
tried a bit with pg_hba.conf, but not yet successfully: authentication worked
with any password.

ident authentication is not possible because the accessing box is using

The only half-secure way to do this: I restricted access to one particular ip

Can I achieve this?

Posted by Don Baccus on
You might want to ask this on the PG mailing lists, I know security issues come up from time-to-time.
Posted by Jon Griffin on
ssh tunnel with port forwarding. I use it daily. Unlike Oracle it actually works and is easy.