Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ad_quotehtml speed improvement

Posted by Tom Jackson on

I think what you would do, is on the .tcl page:

set url my_url?[ad_export_url_vars var1 var2]

Then use the ;noquote because the result might contain actual '&' characters, for example. If you quote those, the url might not work.

Posted by Nis Jørgensen on
I assume you mean
rather than

(unless ad_export_url_vars was added in 5.0)

If you do, you are still missing the point: The '&' characters in the url's MUST be quoted for the html to be valid. Since most browsers don't care, the problem is not big though.

Here is an example that might cause problems:

<a href="calculate-resistance?volt=2&amp=3">test</a>

Posted by Tom Jackson on

That an interestingly confusing example.