Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How do you tell OpenFTS to index existing ETP content?

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Vinod! That is right. I am terribly sorry for giving a query that looked useful, but was totally incorrect.

I'll add this query to the OpenFTS section of the ETP documentation.

Well, I'm pretty sure it was code that you wrote somewhere that pointed me in the right direction :-)

Ive installed OpenFTS and now trying to index previous existing ETP content.

After following the instructions in this thread, including the update of the corrrect insert, I still haven't succeed.

The search indexer schedule doesn't return errors on the first time but complain of duplicated id's when retrying.

New contents are succesfully indexed for Notes, News and File-share contents, but not for the etp and survey module.

Do I need to include any special function for etp or survey ?

Any idea of what can I do for the existing contents ?

Thanks for any help.

It's quite messy. First you need to activate the FtsContentProvider service contracts for the generic etp content, etp_page_revision. Check /acs-service-contract/ if that contract is installed and enabled. If yes then you'll see a line like this:

FtsContentProvider etp_page_revision etp_page_revision edit-this-page Uninstall

If not you have to manually run packages/edit-this-page/sql/postgresql/edit-this-page-sc-create.sql which is not run automatically upon installation for some reason. Restart aolserver. (Always restart when dealing with service contracts to be on the safe side).

Unfortunately the search_indexer doesn't complain when there is no service contract installed for an object type but it simply discards the entries. So after you installed the bindings you'll have to reinsert the content in the queue and wait for (or manually run, e.g. from the very useful acs-developer-support shell at /ds/shell/) the search_indexer.