Forum OpenACS Development: FYI: @return, not @returns

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Posted by Lars Pind on

I just fixed a number of packages, which had proc-doc with @returns instead of @return.

Since things put in with @return doesn't show up in the API-doc browser, I changed it to @return.

We might consider looking for @returns or throwing an error on  it, but for now, I figured it was best to change them to @return.


Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
I made this an automated test for all tcl files by adding this line:
        aa_true "$file does not contain '@returns'.  @returns is probably a typo of @return" [expr [string first @returns $data] == -1]
to the test case acs_tcl__tcl_file_common_errors in the file /packages/acs-tcl/tcl/test/acs-tcl-test-procs.tcl. If people can think of other favorite typos or style rules etc, this would probably be a good place to check for them, just by adding new aa_true lines to the proc.