Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to InterBase port interest

Posted by Lamar Owen on
I'll have to be honest, Adam.  I am most interested in the InterBas port in that, if it helps with easy (not trivial, of course, but not difficult either) cross-database portability, then I'm willing to do some work on it -- to help keep it running on PostgreSQL, as I have a vested interest in PostgreSQL.

Having ArsDigita more and more interested in cross-database issues directly helps the PostgreSQL port -- and that _is_ what I'm running -- and InterBase's availability doesn't help there.  I have too many PostgreSQLisms in my own radio station's intranet system to easily switch.  Not to mention my own standing in the PostgreSQL developer community :-).

But, this is not about the merits of IB versus PG versus Oracle -- this is about making ACS allow (if not encourage) more than just Oracle -- for that matter, more than just the three mentioned.  It should _not_ be as hard to port ACS to, say, DB2, as it was to get the port working in PostgreSQL.

As to the certain amount of anger, the old saw is that 'familiarity breeds contempt' -- unless the parties in familiarity work hard at avoiding contempt.