Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to InterBase port interest

Posted by Jimmie Houchin on
I am interested in the port to InterBase. I will also agree with Lamar. It would be very nice to see improvements which will allow it to be easier for other databases to be "ported" or used with ACS.

People have many reasons for their database choice. Lamar demonstrated this in his post. It would be great if ACS could be more accomodating of database choice.

One day even aD could be faced with this. Something comes along and supercedes Oracle 8i and aD wants to support past, current and future customers concurrently.

It would be nice for this to be done in such a way that there is only one ACS per se. Bug fixes to any port migrate up to the main ACS. Bug fixes to the main ACS trickle down to the ports.

This is an issue which hasn't been working as Don has been saying. It is one which will need to be addressed properly as ACS becomes multi-database. It has, it will. How it does it depends on aD.

There is an "OpenACS" simply because of the way aD has formerly done open source. Had aD been more accomodating of this, IMHO, I don't think the OpenACS people would have split off. I have hope that all of this can be worked out to everyone's mutual benefit and satisfaction.