Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to InterBase port interest

Posted by Don Baccus on
As far as help goes, I'm more than willing to help with the details of  database abstraction, including hacking through scripts making necessary changes.  My personal availability will be low from now 'til  October, though - I'll be spend 5-6 weeks out of town from mid-August 'til the end of September, most if not all of that time with no Internet access.

For many reasons I think that a move towards multi-database support should happen as 4.0 rolls out.  OpenACS has chosen to ignore 3.4 rather than port it, due to 4.0 looming on the horizon.  Hopefully folks can begin porting parts of the core technology that solidifies before 4.0, but a full port doesn't seem worth the effort since 4.0 will be such a huge rewrite.