Forum OpenACS Q&A: daemontools no longer starting server

On our dev box I have been working on migrating our code to subversion. Something in this has stopped daemontools from being able to launch the server. I can only assume there is a permission problem somewhere, but I can't find it and can't figure out how to narrow down the problem and find it.

The run file:


#exec /usr/local/aolserver/bin/nsd-postgres -it /var/lib/aolserver/the_server/etc/config.tcl -u oacs4 -g web -b 1> /var/lib/aolserver/the_server/log/stdout.log 2> /var/lib/aolserver/the_server/log/stderr.log

exec /usr/local/aolserver/bin/nsd-postgres -it /var/lib/aolserver/the_server/etc/config.tcl -u oacs4 -g web -b

The commented line executes fine under svc. The uncommented line does not and svc continuously loops attempting to restart nsd. Both lines work fine when run directly from the command line as root or oacs4. The uncommented line runs fine on our production box.

(The stderr.log file contains 3 output lines, one mentioning the prebinding of port 80 and two 'ns_log notice' lines from config.tcl.)

I can only assume there is a permission issue with writing the logs somehow, but I can't track it down what file or when as svc is returning back no information as to why nsd is not launching.

oacs 4.6.3
svc is successfully controlling other programs on the dev box
the production box doesn't need the stderr.log file (as neither did the dev box till yesterday)
permissions on supervise are identical between the dev and production boxes

Any help or insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.