Forum OpenACS Development: AOLserver 4.0 status

Posted by C. R. Oldham on


I thought I'd share with you some things I've learned over the past few days regarding the AOLserver releases.

I posted to the AOLserver list asking about the current status of 4.0 GM--as many of you know it had a bug that prevented it from responding to SIGTERM and gracefully shutting down.

Elizabeth Thomas from AOL responded to my post and said they had created another release (4.0.1) but no tarball had ever been made to go with it. She said AOL was using it internally with good success. That release has CVS tag aolserver_v40_r1.

Some judicious browsing of the CVS repository on SourceForge revealed that there is also a third release, presumably to be 4.0.2, with tag aolserver_v40_r2.

Below is the ChangeLog with entries from beta20 on.

2003-11-23  mpagenva <>
        * nsd/tclhttp.c: remove validity check on method param to ns_http 
          queue, since methods in addition to put and post can be valid.
        * tcl/fastpath.tcl: make configuable: a) logging to serverlog
          fastpath update requests (some configs may be fine with the
          logging to the access log which can be easily obtained).
          b) automatic backfill of implied directory tree on put.

2003-11-19  pkhincha <>
        * maxinput to throttle the # of bytes
        * on request.  
        * Removed ThreadJoin of driver thread.

2003-11-03  pkhincha <>

    * nsd/urlspace.c: removed initing of mutex
    * nsd/nsmain.c: calling NsWaitDriversShutdown

2003-11-01  Zoran Vasiljevic <>

    * tcl/file.tcl: fixed broken argument convention for the
    unused argument of ns_sourceproc.

2003-10-28  Zoran Vasiljevic <>

    * nsd/tclatclose.c: fixed typo in command usage text

2003-10-09  Mark Page  <>

        * TAG aolserver_v4_r0_beta_20
        * doc/ns_job.n:
        * tests/api/ns_job.adp:
        * nsd/tcljob.c: Change timeout specification to be ns_time
2: Re: AOLserver 4.0 status (response to 1)
Posted by Vinod Kurup on
2003-11-19  pkhincha <>
        * maxinput to throttle the # of bytes
        * on request.  
This change limits upload size to 1 MB (default). To allow larger uploads, set 'maxinput' to your desired upload size in 'ns/server/${servername}/module/nssock'.