Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Boston Bug Bashing Blowout Organization Thread

Posted by John Sequeira on

I was thinking that having so many openacs brains in one place might be a good opportuntity for me to refresh Oasis - my openacs vmware image - to also support version 5.0.  I've gotten enough feedback from grateful (mostly Windows) users to think that it's a worthwhile investment in time for me,  and I think that it would also be a good way to start the day in case other folks didn't have a working instance to develop against i.e. if folks needed to, they could ssh into a vm on my laptop.

Also,  I volunteered to provide some basic automated tests for OpenACS packages,  but for various reasons couldn't get them debugged properly against a working 5.0 instance (I kept hitting installer bugs for the base and/or the packages I was testing, etc).

Perhaps given the short period of time we could combine working on the worker-bee bugs and writing covering tests for them?

I think we would have enough hands available to do this and help Dave with the upgrade.