Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Sustainable growth of OpenACS and dotLRN

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
"repelled by the fact that TCL isn't PHP", gosh, I'm sure glad my income doesn't depend on selling projects to "sophisticated" customers like that. (I'm afraid I wouldn't be very good at, and would hate it even if I was.)

Of course OpenACS is not "just a thin layer on top of Oracle", never was, and has probably become substantially less so since Philip first made that bogus claim way back when. On the other hand, emphasizing the importance and power of the data model perhaps a bit more difficult to do), seems very much appropriate to me. AFAIK the emphasis on and quality of the underlying data model is still the single biggest factor differentiating OpenACS from other toolkits.

Regardless, these sorts of hands-on "marketing from the trenches" anecdotes are interesting, thanks for posting, Frank.