Forum OpenACS Q&A: How are people using SDM & ticket tracker?

A client has asked me to write up a document outlining how OpenACS can
be used for software development tracking and I'd like to use the job
as an opportunity to write up a more general user's-eye view and tips
list for the larger community. In order to do so, I need to gather info
from you all about how you are using it. Who here is using ticket
tracker, SDM, or other ACS modules for software development tracking
and communications? How are you using it? Which functions do you find
most useful? How does it fit into your workflow?

Thanks in advance for the input. I'll take whatever you give me, wrap
my own (limited) experiences in, and write it up in a form that will be
more useful to people who want to use OpenACS for that purpose.

Posted by Ben Adida on
Funny, here at OpenForce we're working on this specific problem. SDM and ticket tracker have a lot of overlap, but for internal system development, ticket tracker and BITS in general is your best bet. SDM is good for open-source development. Maybe one day SDM can take over and the unique system (as aD seems to be moving towards that with

BITS consists of /todo, /team, /new-ticket, and /notifications. Put together, they form a great organizational tool for in-house development. OpenForce supports multiple BITS installation already at various development projects, including some large companies.

Interesting. Can you give me a rough sense of how those various...uh...bits of BITS fit into your workflow? A concrete example or two would help.