Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problem Installing The Jabber Package

Posted by Steve Manning on
Thanks Andrew

Before I posted I'd already looked around the jabber.h source file at line 59 because I was thinking the same thing. I've looked at a hex dump of the file and I can't see anything other than ASCII 0x20 for the spacing and 0x0A for the line feeds.There is nothing hiding that I can see. The area around line 59 looks like this with line 59 being the  pool p; line:

#define JID_RESOURCE 1
#define JID_USER    2
#define JID_SERVER  4

typedef struct jid_struct {
    pool              p;
    char*              resource;
    char*              user;
    char*              server;
    char*              full;
    struct jid_struct *next; /* for lists of jids */
} *jid;

jid    jid_new(pool p, char *idstr);          /* Creates a jabber id from the idstr */

I'm wondering if there is something hiding above this in the file and this is causing the compiler to barf at line 59.

The file is striaght out of the OACS contribs on the CVS. Prior to getting this problem I did nothing more than untar it, copy into my AOLServer dir and run the make - its weird. Has anyone succesffully compiled this package previously?