Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ADP pages UTF-8 configuration problem

Posted by Abrantes Filho on
Hi again Emmanuelle,

Thank you, thank you very much!!

That little "." saves the day!! Now the UTF-8 encoding for ADP pages are working fine!

But the example config file that comes with AOLserver 4.5.0 source (base.tcl) is wrong, because the example file do not use the "." in the extensions. In the example file:

# $Header: /cvsroot/aolserver/aolserver/examples/config/base.tcl,v 1.2 2005/08/24 14:00:18 shmooved Exp $
# $Name: aolserver_v45_r0 $
# base.tcl --
# A simple example of a Tcl based AOLserver configuration file.

[ ... ommited ... ]

ns_section "ns/encodings"
ns_param adp "iso8859-1"

[ ... ommited ... ]

So I just change the "iso8859-1" to "utf-8".

I'll point this to AOLserver developers.

Thanks again!!