Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Hardware suggestions

Posted by mark rohn on
Walter, my friend (Jason) has been running slackware on his Compaq 6000-quad Ppro-512K without any problems. He's been bragging for three weeks about the speed and flexibility of the machine (lucky bastard). In fact Jason installed VM ware and now runs Windows NT on the Compaq 6000 under Linux--- (computer nerds with to much time.)  Compaq certified the 6000 under Red Hat 6.1 so 6.2 should work fine, also if you can find a model 6000 with a support contract Compaq will support you under Linux! So far the machine has been running full blast for three weeks in a production environment, at one of the major universities in Toronto Canada. One thing you should be aware of before you start looking, make sure that all the manuals and disks are included, installation and setup on the Compaq 6000 is a bit strange and requires some effort.  If you can get your hands on one of these things you will not be disappointed, the Pentium pro is Intel's most stable and reliable chip so far. I'm running five-clone Ppro servers 24/7 with zero downtime and zero problems for the last six months.

                Mark Rohn