Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Help on using aolserver4 and php 4.3.4

Posted by Jorge Garcia on
Hi Nima, it works with aolserver4. We haven't tried with aol3.

As Malte, we wish to try to install several interesting programs already developed with PHP.

One of them was SquirrelMail, thanks Malte ;-)

We have a virtual server with Cathy Sarisky at

We have installed the aolserver4 to try the virtual hosting, within the virtual server, and it works. We have now 3 domains to try.

In a 'true' server we also can install the phppgads software we was interested -an ads server-, but in the virtual server we can't. We get errors after creating the tables in the database and the install crash. We don't know why.

1. Is someone working with who has installed any PHP software under the virtual servers and can confirm it works?. We haven't tried another PHP software yet.

2. Is someone interested to try to install the adserver in their virtual server?. If so, please tell us about your experience.

At the moment we have installed under Apache using another port. Not our favourite server :(


1. any special sugestion to configure aolserver4 for PHP? We only have increased the stacksize.

2. Have you installed some more PHP software under aolserver4?

3. Then, could you tell us the name of that software to add it to the list of working php applications under aolserver4?



Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I did not install more than just squirrelmail for the time beeing (and have no plans to expand this at the given moment). Furthermore, I did not use any special configuration so I can't help out there either. I'm just happy to have it working, but I'm curious if and how Nima will manage what he has been trying to do.
Posted by Cathy Sarisky on
Hi Jorge,

That's interesting that phppgads is crashing in your vserver but works in a "real" server.  Is there anything different between the two (PHP version, etc?) other than vserver or no?