Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Problem with intranet customer module...

Posted by Chris Hardy on
Fixed this problem.. The solution is to apply the following patch...

--- view.tcl Thu Aug 10 20:02:04 2000
+++ /opt/acs3-pg/www/intranet/customers/view.tcl Thu
    Jul 20 08:28:50 2000 @@ -12,6 +12,8 @@
set_form_variables # group_id
    group_id $group_id
+ set return_url [ad_partner_url_with_query] set db [ns_db gethandle] @@
    -54,13 +56,13 @@ g.registration_date, c.note, g.short_name,
- a.first_names||' '||a.last_name as
+ u.first_names||' '||u.last_name as primary_contact_name,
    primary_contact_id, coalesce(im_cust_status_from_id(customer_status_id),'<-- not
    specified -->') as customer_status -from user_groups g, im_customers c, address_book a

+from user_groups g, im_customers c, users u where g.group_id=$group_id and
- and c.primary_contact_id=a.address_book_id
+ and
    c.primary_contact_id=u.user_id union select g.group_name, g.registration_date,

    I found that the view code is trying to bring up a users record, which shouldn't be, it should grab
    the correspondance from address_book. So I changed the record to grab from the address_book
    table.. Now, I've still got problem's with the url to the address book entry. I've got to figure out
    some more tcl before I fix that :)