Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to lztext crashes over 8K

Posted by Bob OConnor on

Yes, I saw the docs about blocksize... It appears that I would need to do a new installation of pg and loose my current data ? Has anyone saved their data, recompiled pg from 8k to 16k and re-loaded their data successfully? How soon will 7.1 be available which will "solve the problem"?

As a stop gap measure, how would I put a limit check on data before insert/update? It appears that the limit has an effect on the total size of all fields being updated. I can do seperate sql updates for each big field within a begin/end transaction...or do I need to release and get a new handle. In other words, is the tuple the entire size of all the fields together?

I've tried to move text around between textareas but it seems that perhaps ?? some whitespace in the textarea gets counted although I can't see it.

TIA -Bob