Forum .LRN Q&A: Problems with File Storage

Posted by Matthew Burke on
I just installed the beta 4 tarball and am getting things set up to use in a few classes.

I've uploaded files to the exams and assignments folders that were created when I created the class.  They're all html files.  If I click on the link to see the file, I get:

Content Item Not Found
The requested item is not available for viewing. The item is either not available on this server or it is not in a publishable state Unpublished items can be viewed via the CMS interface if the CMS package is installed.

Now I tried uploading a couple of the files to my "shared files" folder.  If I try viewing the files there they display although the html comments and the DOCTYPE line show as well.

I get this same behavior with the syllabus I uploaded---it displays ok but the html comments and the DOCTYPE line show.

It's late so I may be missing something obvious.  I did a search in bugtracker and in the forums and didn't turn up any "file storeage busted" messages.

On a related note: Postgresql (at least v7.4) doesn't understand 'rownum' so the query in /pacakges/dotlrn-fs/index-postgresql.xql doesn't work.  I don't at the moment have an earlier postgresql to look at.  Is 'rownum' something that used to exist?