Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Debian stable or testing? apt-get or yum? etc.

Posted by xx xx on
"IBM Moves Customers from Windows NT to Linux:
When Microsoft stops supporting Windows NT in 2004, it will leave some 2 million users without new security patches, and will require most of these users to develop a strategy to migrate quickly from the discontinued software. IBM is helping its business customers to move to Linux now.

I would love to know what independent advice IBM customer service can give you; and whether they can convince you/us of a good choice and strategie.

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
I used Red Hat for several years; now my desktop and laptop run Debian unstable.  (The tradeoff in a nutshell: redhat is easy to install and painful to maintain; debian is horrible to install and trivial to maintain.)  About 90% of the software I want is current; debian unstable can lag months behind individual software release but that's only mattered for a few things, dia and gaim.  I run multiple OpenACS services on each machine without any difficulty.  And I maintain OpenACS install docs, so following my config is your best bet :)