Forum OpenACS Development: Re: 5.0 is done.

14: Re: 5.0 is done. (response to 13)
Posted by Randy O'Meara on
Hmmm. Where is developer-support? It isn't included or installed with the release tarball. And it isn't available (doesn't appear in the list of installable packages) in the repository.

Ditto for acs-mail-lite...

15: Re: 5.0 is done. (response to 14)
Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
Both acs-mail-lite-0.1d.apm and acs-developer-support-5.0d3.apm are in the repository. It looks like the automatic installer refuses to see them - this could be a bug in the installer or there could be something wrong with the package. This leads to a number of other packages being uninstallable. A workaround is to download them directly and install from local, and then go back to using the repository.