Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ArsDigita/OpenACS meeting summary

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
As I said before, I'm interested. It might also be useful to invite non-technical consultants who work for non-profits and who understand what technologies like OpenACS can offer. Sometimes the service that non-profits really need is help figuring out whether technology is actually the solution to their immediate problems and how to work with their people to make sure that the technology solution gets properly designed and fully utilized. For example, I had a non-profit come to me about designing a whole slew of web-based training. Well, it turns out that the people they wanted to train spend most of their time in the field working with patients. Most of them don't the time to sit down in front of an hour-long course, and a few don't even have Internet access. What they really needed was a collaborative network (like the OpenACS Q&A) where the people could get online for a minute, ask a question about how to deal with a given crisis, and come back a little while later to find answers in their email inboxes.